Thursday, May 29, 2008


I've been meaning to put up a new post but if y'all only knew. So I totally jinxed myself this weekend, funny you should ask Ollay lol. Ugh, Saturday with the amazing plans I had... I was in bed. Sunday supposed to be at church and participate in the picnic... I was in bed. I probably should have been in bed on Monday but then my Sunday afternoon/evening kinda picked up.

Alright rewind. Why was I in bed? *Hiss* I swear, up till this day only God knows. All I know is that I woke up around maybe 3 or 4 in the morning with a really bad tummy ache, throwing up and going to the restroom like a mad person. I know, I know, too much information but puh-please it wasn't easy jare. Ha! God punish that meat kabab I ate on Friday out of hunger.

So that's how my whole drama started o. It didn't even matter which way I slept, it was all extremely uncomfortable. Couldn't so much as eat cause my mouth was extremely bitter. And to top off the mother of all atrocities, yours truly lost weight! Yes o, you heard me right. Pounds that have no business looking for somewhere interesting to multiply just slipped through...only God knows how... in a span of like what, 24 hrs? Kai! I'm still in shock but I'll take consolation in the fact that people still insult and envy my size. God dey!

Ehn ehn back to Sunday afternoon, so like I mentioned I didn't go to church but the rest of my family did. Stayed home all bored and so uncomfortable, drifting in and out of sleep. By like 2 0r 3PM one of my good friends, BeeZee, called and asked is I had received her text. Which kine text again or am I going deaf too? Anywhoo sure enough her text had come through but I guess I can blame it on my drifting in and out of sleep. Turned out that we were supposed to be meeting up for our once-a-month Sunday get together shindig that same day. Oohhhh..... of all the Sundays ehn?!?

(I digress) Just a little history here - BeeZee came up with this great idea of taking turns to host a small group of us one Sunday out of every month. It's nothing original but the idea came with perfect timing, therefore I thought it was a great one. Usually whoever is hosting picks the Sunday well ahead of time and informs the rest of the group but this month has been crazy with events and stuff going on so when the collaborators actually "mentioned" the date, nothing seemed finalized. We started this year in January and we're still on a roll! I thank God for good friends, my list is definitely growing.

Anyway back to what I was saying, please ask me what I did after my friend called and gave me the update, yes o can't say that it was one of my proudest moments but this girl right here managed to get up, took a long shower, and got ready. All the while still convincing myself that I wouldn't miss it for anything. Kai, see justification and guilty conscience! (No to church but yes to get-together). But goodness that was the longest 2 hours ever sheesh! Anywhoo to make the story short, that change of environment was very much needed cause I felt a little better later, slept over at BeeZee's place, and still managed to meet up with my other friend to make-up for Saturday hehehe. Good time, good time. God is good jare!

Please before I sign off on this post, I need to shout out hysterically to my namesake (and I say that with all the pride I have within me) SJ for hooking me up with Lara George's CD Forever in my Heart, and TY Bello's CD Greenland!!! You RAWK mehn! I bet with all the replies you got from me, you probably couldn't have guessed that I was in bed sick, right? Yeah that's what pure excitement and genuine gratitude is all about. Thanks a million again! Wow, I can't help but be also thankful that I actually put up my CD wishlist... God is good!!!


Sisi Blu said...

yay!!! Namesake!! Tainz be to God u're well now! hehe! I wouldn't have guessed! U're wellicum! I was wondering why you hadn't updated..and when u finally did I didn't know! not my fault tho, heentanet access has been scarce of late (change of location)

Shaywun said...

Glad u're back!