Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Date: Wednesday; March 12, 2008

Time: 1:45PM

Where: Around Barcelona

What a day walking around Catalunya. It was a lot of walking but I had a mighty great time! Our tour guide is so knowledgeable. She was very patient in explaining the history of the area to the group. One can only marvel and be in awe when each story is told. Had an opportunity to go into one of the oldest cathedrals. I believe it took hundreds and hundreds of years to build. Well, it was definitely beautiful inside with all the intricate designs and nice candle lightings. Goodness, someone got their camera stolen! Pick-pockets are definitely real here, well I was warned very well ahead of the trip so I was prepared. Hopefully I won't be a victim. Plus, do I really need to put a sign around my neck that says "From Oshodi - Lagos, Nigeria"??? Been there (can't believe it actually happened to me even as young as I was back then) so many times. *HISS*

We saw lots of shops with very different things for sale. The one thing that struck me about this is that they were smaller unlike the ones in the U.S. Anyway so we went through the marketplace! Gosh, kinda brought back very vivid memories of the marketplace in Lagos. Absolutely no difference - the buzzing noise, smiling sellers (sometimes anyway), the million and one things one could choose from and purchase. Ahhh... memories, but I still appreciated the experience.

Next major stop was the Museum de Picasso. On our way there I saw more amazing buildings including the umbrella house. I'm glad I got a great picture of that because it looked beautiful. Got back to the hotel and went straight to sleep! I know, me and sleep!!! Woke up later (looked really late but it was only 8PM) and decided to take a quick walk around the area. Well, ended up at a place called ATN Restaurant. The food was really good and my waiter was from Morocco!

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