Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I am literally drowning in homework, and that overwhelming fear, that I can't do this, is creeping back again. God help me o! Apart from school, I mean prison, everything else has been good. Just dealing with some issues that have made me question myself recently. Y'all know how that goes...

Just wanted to share this video with y'all. Someone sent it to me; I thought it was really powerful. The tears just couldn't stay away. You have to see it all the way to the end. So you think you're the worst sinner or doubter on earth abi??? My friend, think again and think again very well! There's absolutely nothing too small or too big for Him to handle. Watch and be touched and blessed, and then make your appointment with Him sharpish lol.

So just curious, what would be your cardboard testimony?

Friday, June 13, 2008


Another friday woohoo! Unfortunately just class 9-5, nothing special. Ugh... sitting in class for 8 hours. We really should be getting paid for that, it's pretty much a whole frigging work day!!!

Another Friday, another song to share. Actually I'll make it two cause I really love them both and why not? 1 album, 1 blood, 2 musicians, so 2 songs. I know, but take it like that sha. It's Charles and Taylor!!! hehehe I doubt if a lot of people have heard about them before but they're amazing. Just hear for yourself. I wish I could do a proper write up on them, just no time. Here's what you need to know about them: they're siblings, at the time they recorded and released (2005) this album he was 15 years old and she was 13 years old. Yeah you heard me right. Now you know their ages, please listen to them sing and tell me they're not all that and a bag of rice.

I've always said it - God did not share talents equally when he was distributing them lol! Taylor was only 13 but just hear the big voice she has. Sheesh... where was I and what was I doing when I was 13??? They really are blessed. Anywhoo they need to hurry up with another CD already!

Alright first song up - You are God Alone (Not a god). Some of you might have heard this song before; the Phillips, Craig, and Dean version or like my brother will say, "the white version" hehehe. Please o it really had nothing to do with race, it was just his way of differentiating. I remember the first time he heard Charles & Taylor's version. He was like "is that like the black version remix of the song or what?" LOL, I couldn't help but burst out laughing cause he was actually serious when he asked.

Second song - Made to Worship You. *sigh* This song is just so... I don't even know how to describe it. Every one of my siblings absolutely cannot get enough of the song! Yes the lyrics, the music, the voice, just everything. It is also definitely in the running for my graduation pics montage. Yep I'm thinking that far ahead already. Anywhoo whether we like it or not, we were all made to worship Him...

Enjoy y'all and again, have a great and safe weekend!


This summer officially sucks for me! Argh I need to go get my relaxing CD out sharpish lol. Apart from the fact that I have to deal with the siblings of Mount Kilimanjaro that have started making their honorable appearances all over my face, summer school is a whole different obstacle for me. It's all so overwhelming. Some assignments down, plenty more to go; seven more Finance problems to tackle before Saturday, study for a quiz on Saturday, two more group projects to tear down, and four other online quizzes to take. Eh, this one has passed Jesus take the wheel; He needs to drive my car!!!

I need lots of prayer, support, and focus mehn. It's not easy but then again nobody send me message. Yet I dunno if I'm satisfied. Nothing is wrong with me in Jesus' Name o. Amen!!! lol

It's going to be hectic for the next two months. It will pass...

Oh hey! Today's Friday the 13th hehehehe. Like I even care? I'm not superstitious or anything and I certainly don't believe in it, but just thought I'd point it out to those who didn't realize it. Oh well, warrefa... I need to go catch up on my 3 hrs of sleep, head out to work, stop by the school to complete my assignments (which I've been working on for the past how many hours?), study for my quiz, and start off the weekend with plenty stress *DOUBLE HISS* At least one good thing - I love my J-O-B!!!

Have a good weekend y'all and stay safe!

Monday, June 9, 2008


My blog, how are you doing today? I know, I know it's been a while. Can't blame me o, summer has arrived and it has arrived by force, with full force. Summer school session has barely started and I'm already feeling the pressure. In fact this past weekend, I was feeling so overwhelmed; I'd rather not even talk about it. Ugh...

However it's the other part of my weekend that has brought me here this very moment. It has been bothering me so much especially since the issue was brought up yesterday again. Anyway so I've been telling a certain someone about how they need to stop drinking - you know now, gave the reasons why and blah, blah, blah. They claim it was only social drinking and it's only like maybe two bottles tops. Hmmm... na wa o, social drinking? Isn't that how problems usually start off? Social drinking, one/two/three bottles and then before you know it, full blown alcoholic. Or isn't that how it usually turns out? At least most of the time anyway?

Me I don't know o, I mean I only put in my two cents because I cared and still care but as far as they're concerned, it's a no-go area to stop drinking. As a matter of fact, the certain someone even told me not to worry that while they're drinking their beer, they'll also offer me wine so I wouldn't feel left out. In other words "You'll also have something to do, while I'm doing mine." Can you imagine? I won't lie sha; I burst out laughing cause that was not the response I was waiting for. But it only goes to show how nonchalant they are about the issue. Anywhoo there's nothing prayer cannot do abi? As far as I'm concerned this one must go by force by force...

Different day, same weekend - I brought up the fact that this certain someone is such a deep sleeper and that they might want to gradually change their sleeping habit. What if there's a fire (God forbid bad thing) or something else? Are you trying to tell me that they'll sleep right through it? Ha, please o I'm rejecting it for them! Please ask me who send me ehn, I was only voicing concern o. All hell broke loose. Not as much sha but still... see reaction!!! All the accusations started pouring in. "How can you tell me something like that; why would you even say that; why are you trying to change me?" Change you? That's the one that really really floored me and hurt my feelings. I couldn't believe it. And I don't even know why my feelings were hurt as much. I just know my heart got heavy and I couldn't say anything. Change you??? Wow.

What has 'your deep sleep scares me' got to do with changing who you are? Is it because I point out that they need to stop drinking or at least reduce it? By the time you attend all the parties available around town, with your friends, and you claim you're a social drinker, hasn't that elevated to the next level? serious lol... Or is it because I tell them to please watch their language especially when they're around me? What exactly have I done wrong here? Is it now a crime to look out for people you call good friends?

I honestly dunno why but I actually apologized!!! Maybe I just wanted the conversation to end immediately or perhaps just didn't want to upset the person more. Look mehn I just wasn't in the mood, like I said I was really overwhelmed with trying to deal with school stuff coming from left, right, and center. My God help me please o!!! Meanwhile I refuse to be a criminal...

Monday, June 2, 2008


Right off the bat - my weekend was kewl, at least from the general assessment I've been able to make, just kewl. Friday - totally FAB, went to a jazz and comedy night program at my friend's church and I so enjoyed myself. Although earlier during the day I was kinda ticked off after being stuck in traffic for only God knows how long. Geez can they (whoever they are) stop with all the construction already?

Saturday was... nyeh. Went to a wedding, was alright but I had to go through one of those useless rubbish nonsense I usually refer to. Don't worry, it's not even worth it right now *HISS* Anywhoo so was able to catch most of the church ceremony; trust Nigerians now... and then reception. Kai, see disorganization ehn? Like my mom and I were saying - it's the little details that count o (and of course the right people helping you). All the same, lessons learned. Saw some friendly familiar faces I hadn't seen in a while. Said the his and how you doings, smiled, hugges, complimented, and then the take care and I'll see you laters. And then the bad taste in my mouth! OMG why now, I mean I know this city (even as huge as it is) isn't big enough especially when it comes to weddings but why today. Took that as my clue and decided the whole show was over for me anyway; just didn't feel like pretending some more, I'd done enough pretending at the church anyway - re: my useless rubbish nonsense.

Yesterday, Sunday was great too of course. After I was semi-successful with my ignoring strategy for you-don't-know-who, I went off to SS class to go welcome fresh kids to start off another school year. I'm quite certain that you-don't-know-who will start realizing what's going on very soon. Getting a taste of your own poison can't be that sweet so I'm sure you-don't-know-who will get the drift. Anywhoo class went well, I think this upcoming school year will go great and better than expected but hey KNOCK ON WOOD! I'm not trying to jinx anything here before June even picks up lol.

Alrighty people, I'm on a mission!!! I said I'm on a mission o and for real, I don't plan on taking this lightly or brush it aside anymore. What's my mission you ask? I'm on a serious mission to learn Yoruba, my native language. Yeah I'll wait for y'all to get done laughing very well. Doesn't move me o afterall I get it all the time - "what? what do you mean you don't know your language?" Umm did I stutter? I said I understand it but just don't know how to speak it very well. Actually lemme throw in my disclaimer right now. It's not like I don't know how to speak it, it's just that I don't trust myself enough to have a complete conversation with someone else in Yoruba. Can you imagine? Does that even make any sense at all?

However I know what I'm talking about cause there was this one time at my former job when security called my office asking me to come downstairs and assist someone. Lo and behold it was an elderly lady who was looking for her daughter and the woman spoke nothing but only Yoruba. What da? In this America ke? No small small English at all, not even broken English! If you see the way I looked at the officer and nearly "blessed" him out of the building ehn. Instead I smiled and I know he could tell how hesitant I was but my peeps, come and see my survival skills kicking in immediately!!! Me ke? Why would I want this woman to see me as an "aje butter" who "doesn't appreciate where she comes from and can't represent amongst the oyinbos".

Okay so yeah yeah that's not exactly what she said but puh-lease, y'all know how all these elderly think now. Am I the only paranoid person? Anywhoo I got through the whole ordeal in one piece, the lady was nothing but grateful from beginning to end, and I actually went back to thank the officer for figuring she was Nigerian and calling on me. I turned around and took it as a compliment plus it made me learn and realize something. That I am just afraid to speak my language all because it is not the norm for me. God is in control sha!

So the closest to what I really want is the Learn Yoruba Software which by the way, is on my wishlist hehehehe. I'm not trying to push anything, just wishing. Ask and ye shall receive right? I've experienced it here on blogville already so whatever. What I really want is a CD that I can practice more with. You know, I can just pop that into my car player and be on the go. Wouldn't that be so cool? Be on the move from one place to another and honing my language skills? Too crazy! I think it'll be better than the software where I'd have to be stationed in front of a PC or laptop.

Please, please, please if anyone knows where I can purchase such product, be kind to at least lemme me know sharpish. I know it exists cause I've been told it exists. Unless I wasn't really pasying attention like I thought I was. This Yoruba language I must conquer fast fast before I run into anymore disgrace! Yes o, it is by force!!! lol Happy Monday and enjoy the rest of the week everyone.