Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Date: Friday; March 14, 2008

Time: 2:15AM (Next Day Pretty Much)

Where: Codorniu Winery & Montserrat

What an incredible day it has been! First, we took a trip to codorniu winery which was, WOW. I mean, I've never been to a winery before but this place was just something else. Bottles and bottles and bottles of wine were stored underground as part of the fermentation process. I heard it took up to a year through three years depending on the taste desired. We took a mini train ride through the caves and there were bottles everywhere. Everyone was taking pictures because the scenery on the outside and inside of the buidings was just incredible.

I had the opportunity to take some pictures with my new found group members. Then it was time for the wine tasting. I have to confess, I really wasn't too crazy about the wine. This time around it was white sparkling wine but geez it was only my second glass ever. I think I'm going to need something very sweet to start off if I ever think of enjoying wine. Yeah, yeah, yeah I've heard it over and over again - "it's an acquired taste and you'll just need to appreciate it." No darn it, I need something sweet! LOL.

Finally we took the elevator downstairs to where we could purchase wine. Pretty much like a mini wine store. Of course yours truly found a nice spot to sit, and just stared at people being excited about buying wine. Some couldn't even decide if they wanted two or three. My goodness! Anyway the whole buying fiasco came to an end and we had to head over to the bus.

Next destination - Montserrat! Alright I'm so excited to talk about Montserrat that I don't even know where and how to start. Maybe I should start with the drive up there first of all. Gorgeous, gorgeous, georgeous! Every little detail made the whole big picture absolutely beautiful. Then I start noticing that the drive to Montserrat was getting steep and weird. I looked around and right there, mountains all around us; and we were on our way up some more going in a spiral motion. Didn't bother me that much cause I was busy taking pictures. After some minutes, we got to our destination. We walked through a courtyard to the main sanctuary and were told that a funeral was going on. How very weird! It was for a very famous woman and there were notable politicians present.

So the funeral came to an end and the moment I'd been anticipating was approaching. See our tour guide had told us earlier that Montserrat has one of the oldest boys choir in the world. I've forgotten what year exactly the choir began but it consists of boys from ages nine to fourteen. After fourteen, the boys leave Montserrat just like boarding school I guess. Okay back to my moment - I made my way into the church and sat with others from the group and waited. As if on cue, the boys filed onto the altar, waited for their director's 'okay' and started singing. Just as our tour guide told us, those boys sang two songs for ten minutes and off the stage they went. It was just like clockwork. They sang so beautifully!

Oh by the way, meanwhile there was a long line from outside the Cathedral to the very top of the altar via a stairwell where people were trying to touch the Black Madonna and say a little prayer. Anywhoo, time was drawing close to get back on the bus back to Barcelona. I was later out late because I went out with a couple of ladies. It was nice to hang out but nothing productive though. Ugh...

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