Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ugh... So much to talk about, yet don't really know where to start from. Plenty of highs as well as the lows that naturally follow you wherever you go. I try as much not to complain but what else now ehn?

In fact the timing might not be the best right now but I think it's time for me to start rediscovering myself all over again. Funny thing though is that I don't think I'd ever discovered myself in the first place. Seems like I'm still going through life all transparent as I can be, and it just might be this same transparency that's causing me all the drama I find myself in.

How does one try to live an honest and open life and yet be told that they talk too much? I mean now I'm being told to learn how to disguise certain feelings otherwise I'll be looked upon as a trouble some person. Ehn ehn! Is that how it is nowadays? Or maybe that's how it has always been but I've probably just been oblivious or too naive, or too young to even care???

It has been a rough couple of days but I'm beginning to learn my lesson bits by bits as the days go by. Consequently I don't think reinventing myself is such a bad idea now that I really think about it.

Soon enough I'll be able to tell if throwing myself into the positive programs I've signed up for will help build me back up. Only time will tell and at this very point, only God can help me.

Hopefully soon enough I'll be able to share what it is I'm so worked out about. God is control...