Friday, May 30, 2008


hehehehehe... Please am I the only one who thinks it funny that it's Friday again? Where did the whole week go? As a matter of fact, the month of May is over just like that. How can? Can't say that I'm complaining sha; the faster we get to December, the better!

So what's been going on with everyone? How was y'alls week and what do you have planned for the weekend? I'm still contemplating on whether or not I should say how I think my weekend will go after all that happened last week. lol I can't believe it's been a week already! Umm... I think I'll just wait for the weekend to go by and then, I'll recap. I cancel every jinxing spirit in the building lol.

Yay, my lil bro graduated, from high school (hehehe), yesterday!!! See all the pride I have for this boy just flowing last night, I couldn't even control it. I had to stop and use that breathing technique so as to avoid any form of hyperventilation or overwhelming feelings. yes o, please it was that serious. Even before his name was called, see people (well mostly girls lol!) just yelling his name and screaming all over the place. Kai! I couldn't help but think about what my dad would have been saying or feeling if he was here.

RIP daddie, I know you're incredibly proud of your son o! Anyway, It was a great celebration sha, the only thing was that since his last name is kinda at the beginning of the class roster, we had to wait for all the other names to be called before the whole ceremony was over. OMG, how many frigging graduates did this school let walk in one night and then started the program at 7:30PM. What da? Just too long abeg! Next time start the proram at 5PM or something. Person didn't even get to eat afterwards cause most restaurants were closed and then the one IHOP we decided to go to was so packed, we gave up and just went home.

Anywhoo today is my song-spiration day and in honor of my bro graduating, I decided to put up the song I plan on using for his slideshow we'll present at the graduation party we plan on giving him in a couple of months, before he goes off to college.

It is titled If Not For Your Grace by Israel & New Breed, off of their new album A Deeper Level. I just absolutely love this song to pieces and thought it would be the most benefitting song for my brother cause if not for HIS grace, where will he be right? Playing american football is not the easiest thing (all the training and practices one puts in and then the hits you give and collect), some questionable friends that he might have hung out with, those near and far trips he took, the random coming in and going out. I can only thank God and say if not for Your grace...

Enjoy the upcoming weekend everyone!!!


Sisi Blu said...

omggggggggggggggggggg!!!my bro graduated too! from uni sha...he also got a lorrof honors, u can heemagine d lecture i got frm my parents "see your broda has set a good example, it is left for u to follow bla bla* gosh, y did he hav to do so good, am happy for im o! me sef i was feelin lyk d sista of a smart boy! aww!! i kno dat song, dey played it for us at church, d song made me rethink my life mehn!
ahh! congrats to ur frends bro is a high skool american footie player and sometimes he comes home at midnight..I unrastand kinda..oh more comments but i dont want dis post to turn to an essay so HAVE A FABULOSTIC WEEKEND!!!!

Shaywun said...

Congrats to ur bro too! Eyah don't worry u'll excel more than him o lol. Hope u enjoyed ur weekend?