Monday, April 14, 2008


Next stop - The U.S. Embassy Consulate General in Barcelona. The area was really nice; the schools, the other buildings, the color of the buildings. After checking our passports, we were ushered into a room and I thought nothing of it at all until someone beside me said, "You would think they would put us in a better room; I mean what did we get all dressed up for if we weren't going to be in the real building." OMG, I couldn't help but laugh cause seriously, for real! Anyway, I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled because I still thought nothing of the situation. I was glad to be there all the same and get the day over with already. After some minutes of trying to settle down, a Mr. Todd Robinson stood in front of us and began to talk. He talked about everything from how his job works to politics to economics to financials to the U.S and Spain relations to terrorists threats to evacuation procedures. Very, very, very, informative - the man knew his stuff.

Questions were asked and I thought Mr. Robinson did a superb job of getting them answered regardless of whether or not he did so to be politically correct. I was indeed proud to have someone like him represent "us" outside the country. I only hope others are doing a great job too. Then he took us around the property grounds and I thought the environment was absolutely beautiful. We said out thank-yous and goodbyes and walked back to the meeting room.

Same place, next meeting - JWT Advertising Agency. Alright I have a confession to make here: I have to say that by this time I had completely zoned out. Oh I was glad that I caught the nine minutes FREIXENET commercial (see below) with Martin Scorcese as director but most of the other commercials, I just didn't get or understand at all. Anyway I was so sure that I would start figuring them out a week later when I got back. People will think I'm crazy when all of a sudden I go, "Oh, I get it!" Anyway I enjoyed myself all the same. It was now time to head back to the hotel. Got on my bed as usual and went straight to sleep! Yep. Later on that night, I ended up going with five other ladies to PIZZA MARZANO for dinner.

Of course, the food there was semi-great; I had lasagne - couldn't help it! But it was different (very authentic) from the one back home so I guess it still counts as me trying new things. The ladies and I had great converstaion about what we learned earlier during the day. We all concluded that Todd Robinson was fantastic. Someone also brought up the fact that our professor looked stressed and frustrated. Well I personally felt like she wasn't happy with the room we ended in but I could be wrong. Plus she probably has other things on her plate. My conclusion: be patient and try not to take anything out here personal. Because I just about did during the restroom situation back at the consulate building. Great dinner, great ladies, great conversation. Overall, I felt content; was ready to go back to bed though hehehe.

*Restaurant* *My dinner - lasagna*

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