Friday, May 23, 2008


Well more like a video really.

Can y'all believe it's Friday again already? I don't! This week has gone by so fast, I'm not even sure I remember everything that happened lol. So what do we have planned this weekend? Well whatever it is, I hope you have fun and stay safe.

Me? Not much but it's definitely going to be exciting (right). No but for real, I have stuff lined up for Saturday, then Sunday is our SS class parties followed by the Church annual Koinonia (look up the meaning, it's quite simple really) picnic, and then Monday is Memorial Day holiday! Woohoo for those who're taking Maymester classes and Yeahhhh for those who're supposed to work.

Anywhoo, today's segment of Friday song-spiration is, like I said earlier, a video. First of all, there are four new videos from P-Square's new CD Game Over (love 'em despite the fact that they've tainted that love with their dark side... ugh), and one new one from Storm All-Stars (love 'em ever since that "Eko" song). Check out the Storm All-Stars video below and lemme know what you think. If you want to see the P-Square ones go to Bella Naija; I put them up here before via another website but had to take them down cause they weren't working as they should. Like "they" say, we know all things Nigerian... I totally love all of them!

Storm All Stars: Made In Lagos

Love this video! Love it, love it, love it!!! Lagos is absolutely beautiful. But was that really Lagos? Sorry that was just my reflex thinking; just had to ask sha lol. Have a happy weekend everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

The video is on point. Halleluyah...oyah psquare, 2face...bring out ur pen and paper! lol

Sisi Blu said...

waweeeeeezi!! Jus found your blog!!!
ME LIKEY!!!!!You even visit G.Craige Lewis' blog!!! DO u listen to his excast too??

Shaywun said...

@anon 1:27 - I know right?!? I love the video too; they definitely made it look so like Miami! Thanks for stopping by!

@sisi blu - Thanks! Craige Lewis is something else (as in very controversial) and I definitely always love to read what he has to say. Excast? Where? Please lemme know o. Thanks for stopping by!

Sisi Blu said...

heres d link for the excast!
I love him! He is controversial but truthful!!

classybabe said...

Nice video by Storm AS.Seen the p-square videos and they really put some cool touches on them

Shaywun said...

Glad you enjoyed it too classybabe!

Ollay said...

Cant watch that video here...bugger. Will have to open it when I get home. So how did it all go at church and has your week being so far?