Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Date - Monday; March 10, 2008

Time - 10:05AM

Where - On a Continental flight en route JFK

Right off the bat, let me just express how relieved I am! What a day, oh what a day!!! And to think it's not even noon yet. Ugh... I pretty much had only an hour of sleep the night before (or should I say morning?) because I was busy packing for the trip and for some reason, I just couldn't go to sleep. Don't get me wrong, I was very excited about this trip but I don't think it was the excitement that kept me from getting some rest. I think it was my fear of over-sleeping! Just didn't want to take the chance especially since my professor had mentioned something about the 'every other day' Delta flights to Barcelona. Delta.... ARGH!!! My worst (well almost) nightmare involving flying pretty much just happened - I missed my first flight to Atlanta! This cannot be happening right now. Oh my God, I just cried my eyes as well as all my frustrations out and even took it out on the lady at the ticketing front desk. *HISSING*

I digress ----- I mean it's not like I don't cry... as a matter of fact, I have something to say about that. Some people think that I try to put up a 'I'm tough' front by not always expressing my emotions. First of all who says crying is a prerequisite to show emotion? Anyway, I just think people shouldn't cry at every opportunity they get or else when it really matters, people won't take them serious. Now y'all know it's the truth and if you don't believe me, watch a couple of soap opera episodes or even Nigerian movies lol! Okay back to what I was saying, I pretty much took it out on the ticketing lady and I wasn't sorry cause that's what customer service is all about. And oh yeah Delta ticketing front desk lady - you're customer service skills are terrible! Absolutely failed my test and to think the whole time, she was trying to act like she was helping me. *ANOTHER HISS* Anyway I told one of my sisters, on the phone afterwards, that although I didn't mean to take it out on the lady (yeah right!), what was I to do? Yes I take responsibility for missing my flight (trust me you don't have to tell me twice) but I was still frustrated. Plus, what was she paid to do anyway? I just concluded that her customer service skills had to be put to test and I must say AGAIN that she failed so horribly! Or maybe I'll just take it as a lesson not to allow my mother to drive me on a mojor highway whenever I'm in a hurry to get somewhere! I still love her (my mom, not the ticketing lady) though and absolutely adore and appreciate her.

My alternate flight options were presented before me, without any empathy if I may add, and all I could do was keep my mouth shut (before I said some more things I might regret) and cry some more (I know some people that are loving this part!) because I felt so helpless and terrible, ugh... doesn't happen often I'll tell ya that. Anyway my final and best remedy? Get on a continental flight through the other airport straight to JFK New York and meet up with the rest of the group there. You've got to be kidding me!!! I live 15 minutes away from the alternate airport I have to go to now, drove an hour to this airport, missed my flight, only to go back to where I drove from??? WHAT?!?! This actually works out cause that means I can totally eliminate the layover at Atlanta but okay whatever. "That's fine we'll take that option", I heard my mom say. Paperwork, check. Monetary options, check. Necessary apologies (from my mom anyway), check. And just like that, I had a seat on a totally different airplane, totally different airline, through a totally different airport, straight to JFK! Woohoo, relief...

***Did I mention how much I love my mom? hehehe :)***

Alright that's it for now folks, I'm tired!!! You'd have to come back later for more updates and oh yeah, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments...

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