Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Beautiful people of this earth, how are y'all doing? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm back to the planet; well somewhat. Next couple of weeks are going to be super busy but all the same, I take it all in with gratitude. Can't wait for the Fall semester and then it'll be all over!!! Well, again, somewhat. lol.

Thank God summer school is over!!!!! Whoo hooo!!!! 2 As and 1 B (Ugh, I'd rather not talk about it. Heck why not - stupid stupid stupid accounting class; no disrespect to the accountants out there). And I was really close too, just 4 more points and it would have been an A. Geeshhh... I thought he was going to be "generous"? Anyway, I'm not bothered about it, glad the hassle is over and I guess it was worth it. But will I ever do it that way again (RE: 9 hrs for just the summer)??? HECK NAW!!!

Anywhoo, the reason I have that title up there is because of an article I read recently on FONBYN. If you don't know about fonbyn, you berra see about it cause it only means one thing - ummm.... I'll get back to you on that. No but for real, y'all needs to check it out fast. So the title of the article is "Mary Kay will not make you a Millionaire". That title alone caught my eyes and I couldn't stop laughing from beginning to end! And I'm not sorry to say that there is a lot of truth to what the original writer, Charles Nwoke, was trying to point out. Pink Truth is also a good site to hear countless and countless of stories.

I thought it would be nice to share so I asked him for permission to re-post his work. I got the "Ok" and here it is... Enjoy and warn those who'll listen!!! hehehe (lil disclaimer: Please I have absolutely nothing against Mary Kay, Avon, and the others o!)


Mary Kay will not make you a Millionaire - By Charles N.

Mary Kay starter kit, your first rape.

My fellow Nigerians, Mary Kay will not make you rich. No. Neither will Avon, Quixtar, Amway, Primerica etc.

Fellow Independent business owners, you will not be a millionaire selling Multi Level Marketing products. They come in different names, shapes and sizes. I am picking on Mary Kay because I feel like it. Let us start with the truth:


.....You have a better chance, if you give your ovaries or manhood to baba lawo to make money

.....You have a better chance, if you kidnap an ijebu man and ask his ijebu family for ransom
Fig a. there goes your balls

.....You have a better chance, if you take the money you will use for replenishing your monthly Mary Kay stock, to buy lottery tickets

It is not even a gamble, you will not become a Millionaire selling Mary Kay products.

I am not saying you will not make money selling Mary Kay, am just saying that the initial draw of financial independence and infinite cash flow is a BIG LIE. Even at your hardest, and most loyal level, you will realise that you were better of just having a regular 9 - 5 job getting the same money or more, with a pension plan, and maybe insurance. All you are really doing is selling a "dream" to people, who are supposed to sell the same dream.....while replenishing their Mary Kay products every month for their "business"

FIRST SIGN YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED: They tell you it's not a scam!
"Let me tell you about an incredible ground-level business opportunity," and you are invited to a house or to lunch for "a discussion." "..and dont worry, ITS NOT A PYRAMID SCAM!"

If someone has to convince you to invest in something that requires you to attend "church-like" meetings with "cult-like" behaviors, you have to pay for this tape or that convention, and trys to convince you to otherwise invest in something your gut tells you is crap, Its probably not worth investing in anyway.

Any rich guy will tell you that you shouldnt invest in a business because of the dream of becoming rich, but because you understand the business strategy and you believe it is a sound investment. MLMs try and sell the dream to you first, then the actual business. But they usually never give any proof! (Ask for their bank statement for 1 year! then they tell you its rude to talk about money) Most of us have had the experience, a sister, girflfriend, aunty, mother,brother father is excited and tries to explain to you this new business he or she is investing in ,but they do not really understand it very well... but, HEY!! it will make them RICH. They are putting you (and themselves) on A LOOONG TIN.

Human beings require a social circle. Alot of us are in search of this. This is one of the things these cult...err...these organizations prey on. You meet with people with common goals who treat you as one of them and love you...then financially rape you like they picked you up from metro-park.

Brethrens, do not let your lust for financial success block your common sense. Remember, the number one aim of an MLM is building your "downline" so as to get a magic carpet ride to infinite wealth. Let us go back to primary school:

If they are 10 people in a village. And you start a business of which the number 1 aim is to recruit as many people as possible to be in your "downline", Then you recruit 2 people, and the 2 recruit 2 each, by the time the 4 try and recruit 2, the business is already saturated (remember, the definition of a succesful MLM is the person with the most downline abi?... )

(ME, "original" starter of biz, I have no upline)





Fig b. Primary school diagram of you getting screwed

..So WHO IS GOING TO BE THE CUSTOMER?? Where is the demand? There is nobody left. This means, at optimum operation, an MLM business is bound to fail. At this point, the "business" starts feeding on its self and everybody in everybody's downline starts pushing the pressure up and down for money and the only person that gets rich in this b**** is ME!! (check Fig. b)

And optimal operation will never happen because some business law somewhere states that there is "X" amount of people that will be interested in your product, so it is up to you to figure out how you will keep selling to these people. But this conflicts with the whole point of MLM because you are supposed to keep adding downlines, to be able to build your own koko island.


There is no difference. You both have to figure out a way to keep selling to the same customers. But at least the orange seller is not expecting to become a millionaire

So the MORAL OF MY STORY IS... if you want to become a millionaire, take that idea you have and create a business out of it. Meet a demand with supply. Do not be in anybody's upline or downline, so you would not end up spending thousands in conventions, training classes, and videos, and ruin all the real relationships you have by seeing EVERYBODY you know as a potential "downline".




Knighti-Otito said...

Hey, I've not forgotten the offer I made to your to upload Infinity-Olori Oko and Bone-a-Fide for you...

I'll get back to you soonest

Chari said...

wow this is revealing mehn...I will definitely mail this to certain people...Do I have permission to do that?

Shaywun said...

Mehn knighti, I was getting all worried! whewww... lol

Shaywun said...

Oh yeah you most certainly do Chari! Please share the wealth! The more people we can reach to stop the madness, the better!!! Thanks for taking the time to read cause I know it's kinda long :)

aloted said...

hmm first time here and i think this post makes alot of sense..i am very weary of MLM difference between them and 419...

nice one!

Shaywun said...

I hear you aloted! Thanks for stopping by

bumight said...


i was just cracking up the whole time! I can't count the number of people that have tried to recruit me to MaryKay. The Avon people I know keep ambushing me to buy stuff from them.

I'm actually going to blog about my experience with one of them - Quixtar!

KarilynAley said...

that's so weird. i'm sorry you have had such a bad experience with Mary Kay. but i can tell you that my director actually scans her love checks into our monthly newsletters so we see EXACTLY how much she makes in commission.. also, while I can't talk about other companies, Mary Kay is actually a very simple plan - if you work it like a business it pays like a business, if you work it like a hobby it pays like a hobby - so you get what you want out of it. people who are disheartened must have signed up hoping money would fall in their laps, and that's their own fault.
i rub elbows every week with self made millionaires (they have lunch with us, teach us tips and call us on the phone).. meetings are not required, either... although if you want to get technical - don't jobs often REQUIRE that you attend work meetings??? so wouldn't all jobs fall under your "cult like" definitions? Mary Kay also has a HUGE customer loyalty percentage - almost everyone who uses mary kay sticks with using mary kay. if it was so awful wouldn't they run from us???
i'm just saying - you should try researching things first.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Karilyn .. I have been with Mary Kay for 7 years. The only reason why I am not a director yet is because I didn't really work the business. In my first 6 months I became a "star recruiter" status and made enough money to have MK replace my 2nd job. That's all I wanted from MK at that time. So, I stalled out because I put no more effort into it. Now that my life circumstances have changed, I'm working at it harder. I pressure and bother noone. People either want to buy or they don't. They either want to have their own business or they don't. I tell people about it, and let them make up their own mind. Just like with any job or business, we have to interview, research, think, or decline the job or business. It's just a job like any other, but I don't have a boss telling me what do with my MK business. Unlike my "9-5" where I am told when I can and cannot use the restroom, eat, come and go, or take vacation ... with my own business I set my own schedule and change it whenever I want to! I'm not in a cult, noone tells me what to do ... but I do have training and help available when I need it. I get a monthly magazine with monthly commissions posted from all of the top sales directors. I see what some women make. Some make what I call "disgusting" amounts of money ... but they work hard for that money! They get what they earn. Not everyone will earn that because not everyone will work that hard or for as many years ... but some do because some will. That's all there is to that. I can guarantee you that my "9-5" job, while it earns me a wage, will NEVER make me rich because they dictate my wages for me .... but with MK I have the potential to earn unlimited ... it's all about how much and how hard I work.