Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Dang!!! Long time no see or what??? School o school (and facebook of course hehehe). Not to worry, it'll be over in a week or so. Let's just hope with all of my big mouth, I'll be able to follow through! I'm not even done posting my spain trip sheesh... and Canada is coming up next! Jesus drive my car!!!

So how has everyone been doing? Thanks to those who still check out this blog even though I probably don't deserve it lol. Mehn a lot has happened since I last left my mark here on my blog. Some I can talk about, some I could probably talk about, and some I'd rather nor say at all until the time is right :) Hope everyone is enjoying the summer unlike me? Don't worry, while y'all will be busting your behinds during the Fall, I'll be chillaxing graciously taking only 2 classes until graduation. Yessir!

I am absolutely hating my Managerial Accounting class!!!! And to think that I have to show up for 3 Saturdays to hear some boring teacher with dry jokes for 8 frigging hours!!! Just drown me with hot sauce already (y'all won't get that!). Anyway, thank God I've made my first A for the summer with my first class. Motivation....

Anyway please before I go, what is this I am hearing about the new CD by Styl-Plus completely sucks??? True or lie? Please lemme know before I disgrace myself looking for the thing all over. And if it does suck I am beggin someone to tell them not to even bother releasing any music videos at all. Won't even be necessary hehehe. For real, anyone seen the latest videos by 9ice, P-Square, Naeto C, and them them??? Okay yeah my point exactement (is that even french? lol). Anywhoo gots to run, will be back hopefully soon enough.

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