Friday, June 13, 2008


This summer officially sucks for me! Argh I need to go get my relaxing CD out sharpish lol. Apart from the fact that I have to deal with the siblings of Mount Kilimanjaro that have started making their honorable appearances all over my face, summer school is a whole different obstacle for me. It's all so overwhelming. Some assignments down, plenty more to go; seven more Finance problems to tackle before Saturday, study for a quiz on Saturday, two more group projects to tear down, and four other online quizzes to take. Eh, this one has passed Jesus take the wheel; He needs to drive my car!!!

I need lots of prayer, support, and focus mehn. It's not easy but then again nobody send me message. Yet I dunno if I'm satisfied. Nothing is wrong with me in Jesus' Name o. Amen!!! lol

It's going to be hectic for the next two months. It will pass...

Oh hey! Today's Friday the 13th hehehehe. Like I even care? I'm not superstitious or anything and I certainly don't believe in it, but just thought I'd point it out to those who didn't realize it. Oh well, warrefa... I need to go catch up on my 3 hrs of sleep, head out to work, stop by the school to complete my assignments (which I've been working on for the past how many hours?), study for my quiz, and start off the weekend with plenty stress *DOUBLE HISS* At least one good thing - I love my J-O-B!!!

Have a good weekend y'all and stay safe!


Sisi Blu said...

pele ooooo!! no summer skool for me, just roaming around...r u an undergrad?? ma worry, hi wee be praying for you? dat friday the 13th thing..fried dodo and stew, who even came up with it sef

Shaywun said...

No, I'm in grad school. You're so lucky, I wish I could afford not to go but I'm trying to get ahead and stay on schedule. I thought the whole 13th thing was ridiculous too the first time I heard about it.