Thursday, March 20, 2008


Alright so I know I was supposed to start my journal about my amazing trip to Europe but I woke up today and realized, "Shoot! My professor has my darn journal!!!" Remember I had to turn one in for a participation grade? Argh... my professor said she didn't like sleeping in anything that's suspended in the air for so long (right, lol); just something that absolutely scares her, so if we want her to read our journals on our way back to the U.S. she'd be more than happy to. Ummm I guess not cause I never got the book back. How did I not catch that? Oh yeah I know - all the useless and unnecessary layovers we had totally had me ticked off to think about anything else than just getting home. I'll tell y'all about that later, trust me!

Anyway I thought about just writing from memory but nah, I wouldn't do any justice to the experience. So I'm gonna have to wait until I get my journal back, hopefully it won't be too long but you never know. Ugh, can't believe it. On a sidenote, thank God I've been catching up on my sleep - so so necessary. Now I need to catch up on a lot of food. Not that I used to before but it just feels like I haven't eaten for days! And if I don't eat another sandwich for the next month, I think I'd be mighty alright. I was kinda disappointed with the food down in Spain except for the last meal we had as a group. Of course it had to be the very last day we were going to be there. You would think somewhere like that would have extra spicy food (they are spanish right?) but no, all bland. Incredibly bland. I was told it was normal for their food to be bland. WHAT??? I really should have packed my bottle of Louisiana hot sauce LOL. People who know me know that I could live off of that thing, literally. Huge lesson learned - don't assume. Definitely never assume in this case; just cause they are hot (some of the guys anyway) doesn't mean their food will be hot as well!!! Ay, not so caliente...

Oh wait before I go, I have to say that I just got my copy of Ekene Onu's "The Mrs Club". Yay!!! Woohoo, can't wait to start reading it ASAP cause of all the rave reviews I've been hearing and reading plus it seems like it'll make for a great read. I was kinda disappointed that I didn't get a signed copy though cause I was pretty sure I would (there was this thing about the first 100 copies would be personally signed by the author) unless maybe I was supposed to buy the book directly from the website. What difference does it make? I got mine from Amazon, one of the websites listed as a seller so why didn't I get a signed copy??? Oh please from the time when the announcement was posted on Bobby Taylor's blog to the time I actually read it and went straight to Amazon, there was just no possible way a hundred people bought the book already. Hmmm... I'm hoping Ekene will have a book signing thingy in the U.S. soon; it'll be nice to have the book signed you know, it's just one of those things you want to have. For some reason lately, I've been all for patronizing all things Nigerian - they work so hard and they deserve to earn the fruit of their labor. I still don't mind the shortcuts either :).

Okay, God and my professors know I have a pile of assignments to complete but... yay, can't wait to read the book! I bind the spirit of procrastination this semester...AMEN!

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