Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I can't say this enough but I am soooo in love with 9ice's Gongo Aso album!!! I mean from start to finish. Kilode? lol The dude is just too much jare and God knows I barely understand some of the things he says o! His yoruba kinda reminds me of how my grandma used to talk. All those "gen-gen" yoruba words hehehe. Artists like him are really making me fall in love with the fact that I am Nigerian and I am darn well proud to be one. The only other thing now is that the music videos need to start pouring in quick quick lol. Hands down, my favorites: Street Credibility, Photocopy, Kasa Final, Gongo Aso (by default sha). Thanks for the autograph...Muah!!!

The Mrs. Club. One word - HOT! Mehn, if only there was a better word to describe it completely. I so believe all the reviews out there about this book, and that's the main reason why I didn't dare pick it up to read until 2 months after I got it!!! How crazy?!?! Puh-lease, I had school to deal with and I didn't want to deceive myself by indulging. But kai, it was worth the wait. I finished that book in 3 days and that's all because I had work; I'm sure I would have been able to finish it in 1 day though. 2 thumbs up Ekene!

I'm still trying to get over the anger I'm feeling towards a certain creature. One of God's own creation who wants to go out of this world before their time. *HISS* Just ridiculous; I know I've been told "it's not worth it", but still just totally ridiculous. How can ehn, how can?!?! Some people need to be careful, "we" don't want charges on our head o. This one just deserves all the hissing in the world, nonsense!

What is wrong with Oprah o!!!!! Someone please help me out here; I think she finally needs some Jesus in her life. All these disturbing things that are beginning to add up around her mehn... not so kewl at all.

I'm on cloud nine y'all! (despite the fact that someone's trying to see how tough my skin is) hehehe mind your biz nosey!!! Anywhoo I thank God sha but no, I really need to thank Him properly. HE must see this to the very end. Geez, slacking doesn't look good on me at all.

Awww... my little one is going off to college soon. *sniff* Wait a minute, it just occurred to me how that statement sounds lol! Please o, I don't have a child just yet - everything will be right in it's own time (or is that not how it's said?). I meant my baby brother who is so not a baby anymore. As a matter of fact, one would think he is older than me. Some of y'all know what I'm talking about, with your tiny self!

I love my mommie! (Note to self: I need to say and mean that often).

Dear blogspot, thanks for giving me a chance to get some things off my mind and perhaps my chest. I have a very good feeling we'll be "seeing" more of each other cause this works for me just fine!


Ollay said... first! can rant sha. But I love gongo aso too, me no understand all the kabiti kabiti yoruba sha. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I love urs too so amma check it out more often.

Shaywun said...

Yay for Ollay!!! ehn ehn so it's known as "kabiti kabiti" and I'm still saying "gen gen" lol. Your blog rocks!